Close your eyes and imagine that you are in your favourite place on earth.
It’s your kitchen, created perfectly for your needs. A place where you create taste and beautiful memories


Each of our kitchens is unique, created for the customer individually with the heart.
We try to put the essence of your needs in every project. Kitchen, is the heart of every home, we will make it beat stronger.

Do you have an idea? We will visualize it and introduce it to your interior. We will show you how to make your life easier in everyday duties.
Cooking has never been easier! What is impossible for others becomes possible for us.

We will take care of each of your rooms, we will make you feel like in a fairy tale, by maintaining the aesthetic appearance of our furniture.

"Quality is remembered much longer than price”
Guccio Gucci

We also do interior design (3D visualization), which makes it easier for the client to choose the right style and for us to realize it. We have a choice of a whole range of colors and materials. Arrangements are created with a view to convenience. Your new interior with our furniture will be a perfect place to relax.
Materials, which we use in the production of furniture, are top shelf goods, so that furniture will serve for years. Each piece of furniture that comes from us is different and unique, made specifically for you and your interior. Man is an individual with unique characteristics and so are our products.

See what our customers have to say!

I'm very happy with the furniture that Mr. Dominik MEBLE Dubowik made for me! The kitchen is simply beautiful 🥰🤩🤩🤩 In a word - it was worth to wait. I recommend !
We wholeheartedly recommend services of Mr. Dominik! Very good approach to customers, professional advice, constant contact and friendly atmosphere. Everything in accordance with the deadline, furniture beautiful! Cooperation with such people is a pleasure.
I have the furniture and am very satisfied
I recommend services of Dominik cooperation with him ran impeccably, meets the expectations and is able to accurately advise I am very pleased with the closet which made in my bedroom for the entire wall clean, precise and functional bravo!
Mr. Dominik is precise in his work o heartily recommend
I was wondering what kind of review to add to the work that Mr. Dominik (together with Mr. Marcin, of course) put into making and assembling what I had in mind. What can I write? Two years ago, I promised that if I was going to do my kitchen, I would sign up and I did, even though Mr. Dominik was just starting out. I must say that despite his very young age, you can see his full commitment and willingness to do it in such a way that everything is as it should be. I confirm compliance with the name, furniture (in my kitchen, bathroom and two closets) ARE TO DIMENSION! As of today, I have nothing to complain and I believe that it will be so in everyday use. Everything is done the way I wanted (and I admit, I came up with a lot) and I know how much effort was needed to achieve this because walls in blocks of flats are not perfect. To the surprise of many people who said that you have to watch the carpenter all the time, I will say that you can trust him and give the keys for three days, as I did, and see the effect itself. I do not regret choosing the contractor and I know that if P. Dominik will continue to develop and engage in his work, when I want to change or do something new, I know who I will call. I recommend and wish him good luck.
Mr. Dominik Dubowik is, despite his young age, a true professional called to his profession. At first I was skeptical about custom furniture, now I have a Mercedes in my kitchen! This man doesn't groan during assembly, he will realize every wish according to the agreed price, is punctual and is able to assemble the kitchen of your dreams just the way you want it. The price is reasonable - and although custom kitchens are generally expensive - I know what I'm getting because Mr Dominik uses branded hinges, baskets, boards, veneers etc. I was at the installation, professional work, thank you guys, I recommend you further. Today, it is difficult to find a good professional so I hope that the market will not spoil you - may it continue! Best regards Przemek. Ps. I do not remember when I made a positive comment for this type of work.
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